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Invitation to Scholars
International Relations & Insight Analysis is a fast growing think-tank institute focusing on critical issues that threatens international peace & security. IRIA investigates and offers research and analysis on energy, defense and security, war and peace, terrorism, and foreign affairs.

IRIA welcomes pieces from academics, authors and students interested in writing on current affairs and global political agendas. We invite you to join our team as regular or occasional contributor and help policy makers and strategists with your thought-provoking ideas and opinions.
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Become Research & Content Partner
IRIA offers varied opportunities for organizations that want to highlight their original, research-based, quality work to a global audience through our co-branded initiatives. As a content partner, your organization can gain various advantages including networking opportunities, customized reports, backgrounders and analysis.

We can help you design optimal partnership package that best suit your requirement and are also mutually beneficial. For more information and details about research and content partner benefits, contact

Submission Guidelines
We would like to invite you to contribute in International Relations Insights & Analysis (IRIA) at the website or publications. Your submissions will be reviewed by IRIA Editors for adjustment according to requirement. As IRIA is an open access site/journal, the articles/papers published in IRIA receive considerable readership.

IRIA has an open submissions policy for these sections: Articles, Policy Recommendations and Research papers.

• All submissions are published under a creative commons license. Full copyright remains with the author(s).

• Submissions must be recent, and if published elsewhere, IRIA should be informed.

• Please include your full name, designation, email address and a short paragraph bio with your piece. If you have a website, please also include it.

• Title your submission, so that we can have a fair idea about your piece. But we may decide to change the title if necessary.

• Although IRIA does not pay for most of its submitted articles, but if you expect payment for your original (previously unpublished research report), please let us know before the submission so that we can come to an agreement.